The product is classified into two different grades
  1. Crude extract for agricultural and industrial applications
  2. Refined grade for pharmaceutical and cosmetics

The company has developed its organic pesticide named as Antica Organic Non Toxic Fungicide and Bactericide. Antica got its experimental use permit (EUP) from the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority last April 2009. Laboratory and Field Tests revealed that Antica inhibits the growth of Anthracnose, Downy Mildew, Sigatoka, and Moko diseases in crops. Antica’s efficacy lasts longer than the standard chemical check when applied to plants. It also establishes a biofilm formation when in contact with the leaves so that it cannot be easily washed off by rains. Aside from being non-hazardous, this stickering effect and longer efficacy Antica manifests makes it more economical for farmers to use.

Ahcil Laboratories, Inc. is continually conducting more studies and researches to widen its market and offer customized products to customers either through direct distribution or toll manufacturing.