AICON is a natural Botanical Insecticide with Azadirachtin as labeled active ingredient. It is the most important organic pesticide among all bio-pesticides for controlling pests. This pesticide does not leave any residue on the crop like other chemical pesticides, and therefore is the preferred organic pesticide of choice.
Its mode of actions include disrupting or inhibiting the development of eggs, larvae or pupae, blocking the molting of larvae or nymphs, disrupting mating and sexual communication, repelling or poisoning of larvae and adults, deterring females from laying eggs, sterilizing adults, deterring feeding, blocking the ability to “swallow” (that is, reducing the motility of the gut), sending metamorphosis awry at various stages, & inhibiting the formation of chitin.
It has low degree of toxicity; it is considered almost non-toxic to humans and animals, and is completely biodegradable. It is harmless to most insect eaters, humans and other mammals, except certain marine life like crabs, lobsters, fishes and tadpoles.
It is effective or moderately effective for more than 400-500 pest insect species belonging to Blattodea, Caelifers, Dermaptera, Diptera, Ensifera, Hetroptera, Hymenoptera, Isoptera, Lepidoptera, Phasmida, Phthiraptera, Siphonoptera and Thysanoptera. Insects like stem borers, aphids, beetles, worms, caterpillars, miners, bugs, mites, moths, and flies are affected by the compound Azadiracthin. Bitter taste is due to compounds triglycerides and triterpenoid and this makes the pests and the insects to avoid crops sprayed.
It is extremely useful as an anti-feedent because of its powerful active ingredients called Meliantriol and Salannin and ovipositional repellent for protection of crops like tobacco, groundnut, cotton, and sweet potato from the damages caused by tobacco caterpillar or tobacco cutworm, a serious polyphagous pest.