LactoPlant Growth Enhancer and Promoting. Organic Probiotic Foliar Fertilizer

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LactoPlant Growth Enhancer and Promotant is carefully formulated to enhance plant growth and improve the quality of flowers and fruits. It contains all-natural and organic ingredients produced under the natural process of fermentation. LactoPlant contains the beneficial bacteria, Lactobacillus spp. These bacteria are widely recognized to be beneficial to the host organism in many ways.

LactoPlant is a nutrient-dense suspension of beneficial organisms. Studies, trials, and user testimonials have shown that LactoPlant has the following applications:


  • Suppresses plant pathogens in soils – Lactobacilli and other crobes in LactoPlant produce natural antimicrobials that inhibit the growth of pathogens. Through competitive exclusion, these beneficial microorganisms will quickly dominate the soil for resources, reducing the pathogen population to zero.
  • Contains nutrients essential for plant growth – LactoPlant contains substantial amounts of macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These elements are needed by plants for growth, flowering, and fruiting. LactoPlant also contains micronutrients, enzymes, and amino acids required for healthy plants.
  • Increased resistance to pests and diseases – A healthy plant is much more resistant to the attack of pests and diseases when compared to a sick plant. Beneficial microbes which have inhabited the soil and in the plant itself will help protect the plant against diseases.
  • As soil and compost conditioners – Beneficial microbes help the soil regain lost nutrients. Nitrogen fixation is promoted and energy is replenished. Composts treated with the right microbes are ready in a shorter time and the quality is better. This would lead to faster plant growth and greater harvest yield.
  • As a deodorizer – LactoPlant applied to a decomposing and rotting organic matter will help control foul odor. It also speeds up the decomposition process.


A study was conducted at the R&D Farm of the Tropical Forest Development Foundation at Jubay, Liloan Cebu to determine the efficacy of LactoPlant Probiotic Growth Enhancer on the growth and yield of pechay. A highly significant yield increase was obtained from the application of LactoPlant Growth Enhancer.


In actual field application, farmers who have tried using the dynamic probiotic duo, LactoPlant and Greg Gro probiotic fertilizers, were unanimous in their respective testimonies attesting to the Lacto benefits they derived from LactoPlant and Grego Gro in terms of plant growth, resistance to pest and disease attacks, increased volume of harvest and weight advantage of fruits and other products.

LactoPlant gives the farmers threefold benefits as foliar fertilizer, as insect population growth suppressant and as control of some plant disease-causing microorganisms (fungus, virus, or bacteria).

LactoPlant with Grego Gro afford farmers to cut down around 50% of the inputs cost as compared to using the inorganic farm inputs; aside from giving 20% to 40% higher yield overusing the inorganic farm inputs.


Add (1) capful or (10)ml of LactoPlant for every (1) liter of water.
Mix well and use as a soil additive, compost starter culture, and foliar spray.

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LactoPlant 120 ml (6 Bottles)
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