All-natural probiotic growth enhancer for animals. Improves Growth and prevents various animal disease.

6 Bottles @ P135/Bottle.




Is an all-natural probiotic growth enhancer for animals. NO preservatives. It contains all-natural & organic ingredients produced under the natural process of fermentation. Fermented extract soya, molasses, milk & pure water which is carefully formulated to enhance animal growth & improve
its quality. It contains millions of live good bacteria (multi-strain lactobacillus) and also contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids & beneficial yeasts. These bacteria are widely recognized to be beneficial to the host organism in many ways.


  • Antibiotic-free meat products.
  • Less cost (minimizes the use of antibiotics & vitamins).
  • Improves the growth performance as seen in average daily gain (ADG) & feed conversion efficiency (FCE).
  • Prevents the occurrence of scouring on piglets because it creates an acidic environment thus preventing the growth & establishment of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Faster return of investment by having lesser cost on inputs.



Efficacy Test:

  • Conducted at the UP Los BaƱos by Dr. Domingo Roxas Ph.D.
  • The study revealed that LactoVet-enhanced feeds help pigs convert what they eat into weight by 7% higher-resulting in up to 16% income gain for livestock raisers.
  • Piglets fed with LactoVet had significantly lesser incidences of diarrhea and scouring.
  • The study won 1st place in the Scientists Congress held in Boracay.

Prevention of Colibacillosis in Poultry:

  • Conducted by Teodoro Dabocol DVM.
  • Showed that friendly bacteria in LactoVet shows resistant to 5 types of antibiotics.
  • E.coli, the harmful bacterium that causes diseases, did not grow in the presence of Lactobacilli in LactoVet.
  • LactoVet promoted the protection of poultry against infections by strengthening the chick’s immune system.


  1. Add & mix with animals drinking water
  2. Poultry: 10ML per liter of drinking water
  3. Swine:15-30ML per liter of drinking water
  4. Ruminants:15-30ML per liter of drinking water
  5. Pets: 15-30ML per liter of drinking water

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Lactovet Pafi Gro 120 ml
Lactovet Pafi Gro 120 ml (6 Bottles)
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